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Postpartum Support

~You can breathe now~

I can offer support and guidance from the moment you arrive home until 12 weeks after birth. I can care for your newborn, offer tips for safe sleep and better naps, prep meals, fold laundry, and assist with chest/breastfeeding. Whether you are feeding your baby with your body, using formula, or giving a combo of the above, I will support however your nourish your baby. 

Recovery can be painful, especially if there was trauma during the birth, and I'm here to provide much-needed emotional and informational support to both the birthing parent and their partner. I have excellent resources for support groups, lactation consultants, therapists, and other postnatal professionals.

Support for All

~It takes a village~

Families don't all look the same, and I'm here to support you no matter how your bonds are formed. Whether you are an LGBTQ+ family, single parent family, multi generational home, adoptive parents, or a blended family, you are welcome here. If you need support but are concerned about the cost, I offer my services on a sliding scale.

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