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My Services

As a postpartum doula, I'm here to help Chicago families during one of their most vulnerable times. I can offer daytime support and guidance from the moment you arrive home until 12 weeks after birth. I can care for your newborn, offer tips for safe sleep and better naps, prep meals, and I can assist with feeding concerns. I can also provide much-needed emotional and informational support to both the birthing parent and their partner.


Hi, I'm Carrie!

I've supported Chicago families in their home since 2009, providing both childcare and project management services. The transition to postpartum doula came about after I noticed the lack of support and care many parents feel after birth. There was a need for warm, knowledgeable, shame-free guidance and I knew I could fill that role. I'm trained through DONA International, and I provide thoughtful, reliable, personalized care.

I take your family's health seriously, which is why I'm fully vaccinated and boosted, and I've received the Tdap vaccine. I get a yearly flu shot and I keep my CPR certification updated.


"Carrie is a gem. She is phenomenal with babies and moms, in a way that feels special, even for a postpartum doula. She's observant, proactive, and calming. When Carrie is around, I feel like I can breathe. As a new mom, it's been hard for me to identify and articulate my own needs. Carrie always asks the right questions and sees what I don't say."

Michelle N.




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